About Best Casino UK

Best Casino UK is on a mission to connect the right casinos with the right customers. With such a wide choice of online casinos – websites and apps – serious gamblers don’t have time to test out each one. That’s why we do it for you!

Our experts carefully review each casino through a highly relevant and transparent rating system. We scrutinise them from every angle, but focus on the criteria that you value most, such as the best casino bonuses, the widest game selection or the fastest payouts. By further listing the casinos by category (the criteria that they specialise in), you can be rest assured that you’ll find the best casino for your specific needs.

What We Do

Best Casino UK is ultimately an online casino review site. We perform in depth assessments on a whole host of casinos, either based in the UK or used by UK customers.

Detailed information and criteria-specific ratings are then compiled into a total rating assigned to each casino. The casinos are then conveniently ranked in a table according to their total score with key metrics present, as well as links to the casinos themselves. This way, you can instantly see our top picks, compare our highest rated casinos and then go and play, taking advantage of the best casino welcome bonuses!

How We Do It

Our casinos are reviewed by experts, who not only understand what constitutes a good casino, but physically test them out for themselves.

The casinos’ website (look and feel), content, user experience and navigation are examined, along with the selection of games on offer (the quantity, assortment and the quality of games). The speed, reliability and safety of the website and its games is an important observation. The nitty gritty is also reviewed, such as the registration process, depositing money, casino payouts and customer support. Welcome bonuses and other promotions are noted in detail as they’re often a major differentiator between casinos and offer unparalleled value to the customer.

The casino is then given a star rating which indicates its overall score and is placed on a comparison table for your convenience. The reviews can be accessed from here or from our category pages.

What Makes Us Unique

They’re a number of reasons why Best Casino UK is so much more than your average casino review site.

Firstly, we employ experts to test out the casino sites for themselves, thus giving a relevant, first-hand account. The criteria, while consistent across all reviews, may hold more weight where they’re deemed to be more important. For example, the game selection may be emphasised at large casinos that specialise in offering a wide choice of games. The criteria may also be updated (items added or removed) according to both expert and audience suggestions.

Our database of casinos is constantly updated, so the industry leaders are reviewed right next to brand new and smaller gambling sites. In fact, we have an entire category dedicated solely to new online casinos.

Best Casino UK encourages customers to suggest casinos and edits to existing reviews. Simply contact us via a contact form or email us directly. Alternatively, feel free to comment below individual reviews or on our social media profiles. We take all your recommendations to heart, thus ensuring an unbiased, honest and transparent rating system.

The Review Site You Can Trust

Our commitment to honesty and trust is emphasised across all our casino categories. Best Casino UK is a fully independent casino review site. Thus, our assessments are completely unbiased and uninfluenced by any external casino interests. Gambling sites are reviewed objectively through a highly transparent, fair and ethical rating system.

With relevant criteria, every aspect explained and unbiased experts rating your chosen online casinos, you can be rest assured that Best Casino UK is the review site that you can trust. Honesty, fairness and transparency are our core values which are represented in our assessments and everything that we do.

Support & Assistance

Best Casino UK seeks to put the customer first. Not only through user-centric, user-reviewed and user-suggested content, but through our high-quality customer support and assistance. If you have a query, concern or suggestion, simply contact us via a form on our ‘Contact’ page, social media profiles or view our FAQs for any common questions.

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