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Top Casino Bonuses

1.100% Up To £100 + 40 Spins
20 Spins for the next 8 Days

New Customer Offer.
5 Stars
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2.200% Up To £500
+ 50 Spins

New Customer Offer.
5 Stars
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3.150% Up To £150
£20 minimum deposit

New Customer Offer.
5 Stars
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4.200% Up To £500
+ 20 Spins

New Customer Offer. T&Cs Apply.
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Top Bonuses

Best Casino UK provides reviews and comparisons for not only online casinos in general, but also for specific casino categories. Gambling sites that provide the best bonuses are extremely enticing, especially to new players. They are often a main differentiator between casinos that offer very similar games. Bonuses are rated on their value, relevance and usability to customers. They can generally be broken up into ‘Free Spins’, ‘Welcome Bonuses’ and ‘Other Offers & Promotions’, such as loyalty or refer-a-friend bonuses.

Below we have created an aggregated comparison table of the online casinos that offer the best bonuses. Bonuses can be further broken down by subcategory so you can benefit from the rewards that you value most.

Free Spins

Free spin bonuses refer to complimentary rounds on casino slot games. These often form part of a welcome bonus for new players but can also be given periodically as a prize or at random to encourage activity on a certain game. Spins are normally credited to a player’s account in varying amounts, usually ranging between 20 and 100 free spins.

As spins are essentially a slot reward, and are often assigned to a specific game, they may only be valuable to customers who like to play that particular game / game type. They may also come with other conditions such as time limits.

Welcome Bonuses

Almost every online casino offers a welcome bonus, usually made up of free spins and a coupon amount or multiplier. For example, a 200% bonus may be awarded up to a certain amount; so, if £100 is deposited in this case, an additional £200 is credited to play at the casino.

In order to obtain your welcome bonus, customers are expected to sign-up, add their account information and, usually, to make a deposit. The bonuses create an incentive to do so and give them something to ‘play with’ to get started. The hope is to create initial value for the customer and to encourage them to gamble with the provider for the first time.

Welcome bonuses can usually be applied to all games offered by the casino but do encompass the player having to complete a certain task (signing up).

Other Offers & Promotions

While welcome bonuses only happen right at the beginning of the relationship, certain offers and promotions run throughout the year. They’re either based on the customer performing a certain action, such as making a specific bet, signing up for a newsletter, etc., or may be awarded at random. They could also be credited to celebrate a certain occasion, such as the casino’s birthday or a global gambling event.

These promotions can range from free spins, discounts and coupons to loyalty, high-roller and refer-a-friend bonuses. It is these incentives that aim to turn players into loyal customers. The ultimate intention is to establish a mutually beneficial long-term relationship.

These bonuses usually come with few limitations and generally offer the most value to online casino players.

Casino Bonus FAQs

Pro's and Con's of playing with a Casino Bonus;

The most obvious advantage of casino bonuses is that they’re essentially ‘free money’, offering credits or free spins at various casinos. If linked with specific games, they may also force you to break out of your comfort zones and discover new and exciting games. However, a potential negative is the fact that these may be linked to games that you have no interest in. Furthermore, casino bonuses often come with prerequisites and conditions, such as signing up and depositing money at a new casino. They often also come with time limits, beyond which the bonus expires.

What type of Bonuses do Casinos offer?

Casinos generally offer a variety of casino bonus types. The most lucrative are generally welcome bonuses, which require you to sign up and deposit money. The amount or a percentage of the amount you deposit is often awarded to new gamblers. Free spins on various slot games is another common type of bonus, along with credits and coupons on slots, table and card games. Other promotions include; loyalty, high-roller and refer-a-friend bonuses, all with varying value and types of prizes.

What is a wager requirement?

A wager requirement is the amount you have to stake at the casino before you are eligible for a bonus. For example, you may have to deposit £20 into your account, before you qualify for a 100% bonus; in this case, the prize would be an additional £20 in credits to use at the casino. It is important for customers to read the ‘fine print’ of wagering requirements, as they may have other stipulations such as payment method or additional actions you need to take. More generally, a wager requirement may be the amount you have to stake before you can play a specific game.

Terms and Conditions and what you need to know before playing:

It is important that customers read the full terms and conditions associated with online casinos and casino bonuses. The basic T&Cs of gambling are that you have to be over the age of 18, disclose certain personal information, meet the wagering requirements and a host of additional conditions. Furthermore, to be eligible for specific casino bonuses, certain actions need to be taken, such as wagering a specific amount in a particular way and contacting customer support to claim your prize. Additionally, the bonus may only be applicable to certain games at certain times, and is subject to time limits beyond which the bonus will expire.

Can I play at a Casino without taking up a Bonus?

Yes, you can sign up at an online casino without qualifying for the welcome bonus, which usually entails depositing a certain amount of money into your account. However, it should be noted that many casinos do have a minimum deposit amount before you are able to play ‘real money’ games; though some do offer ‘free play’ demo versions (where no real money is won). Furthermore, some players may qualify for the bonus but may choose not to use it for whatever reason. Customers are encouraged to be vigilant about the method in which they place their bets.

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